What is your Goal in your Life?


Vida Divina CEO Armand Puyolt has been a Network Marketing Professional 

his entire career. It began when he was a teenager and helped his mom

 win a sales contest. Armand hired a few high school friends and they dressed in school

 colors and went door to door. Armand quickly found himself on stage at a company 

convention winning an award as the top sales producer. Since his humble beginning,

 Armand has earned over $50 million in commissions and was instrumental in launching 20 companies.

Vida Divina represents Armand’s life work and vision. His philosophy 

is that people are the most important asset of any company. These are not just words:

 they’re backed by a company slogan “Lead with Love”.

To our benefit, Armand is considered the TOP compensation plan designer in network marketing.

 He has taken his life’s work (30 years in the industry, teams of over 1,000,000 people,

 $50 million in commission earnings, 20 companies, and the title of Number One Latino Network Marketer 

in the world) and put it all in Vida Divina.

Vida Divina affiliates enjoy a diversified culture and international opportunity. 

The Health & Wellness products are formulated by Armand’s wife, Dr. Ester Ramos,

 a lifelong formulator using medicinal herbs and mushrooms. 

She demands quality ingredients and buys direct from the source (Farm-to-Capsule)

 and Vida Divina manufactures all their products.

 Live Healthy, Live Wealthy, Live Free!